A mentee standing with their business mentor to gain the benefits of business mentoring services

Business Mentoring

At Enwisen, we provide Business mentoring to help turn visions into realities. Business mentoring and support can help strengthen your business and your personal entrepreneurial skills. It is invaluable in getting a new businesses off the ground.

The Business mentoring programme provides skilled mentors who have been there, done that. They have a wealth of experience to fall back on which will allow them to identify pitfalls and positives in your business that you may not have considered. This will prevent you from making needless mistakes, saving time and money in the process. Working with a mentor allows you to be alongside someone who looks at the bigger picture & can identify potential obstacles to business development early on.

Our team have experience in a wide range of sectors including Retail, Online Sales, IT Services, Consumer Goods, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Food & Beverage, Jewellery, Fashion & Travel.

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