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Hand-Held Setup

Enwisen’s prime objective is to all business services under one roof. A single service provider that can help in the execution and maintenance of your growth trajectory.

Our wide range of business services and investment modules all have a special element of hand-held setup. We will help you execute your ideas into reality. As a part of our hand-held setup, we will hold your hand, help you nurture and grow the business. As part of our incubation services, we will provide full support during gestation and initial growth phases and wean away slowly once you reach an auto pilot mode. Our professional services help you with regulatory compliances, legal advice and audit and accounting services. Our Foreign Entry Services are tailored to offering a suite of services suitable to all kind of businesses wishing to expand globally. Enwisen aims at providing hand hold services to aspiring organizations across globe and to be a growth partner to them.

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